Tuesday, June 14, 2011


11 dozen eggs is a lot of eggs, by the end of the day today it will be an even 12 dozen.  All layed in the last 2 weeks... not including the ones we ate.  It's crazy how many eggs we are collecting every day.  I put up an add on craigslist and a sign out front, even offering freebies to friends & family... yet they still seem to be accumulating.  What are your favorite egg recipes? I need some creative ways to get these eggs moving!


  1. I'm jealous of all those eggs. Our six hens have just started laying, but we're only getting two or three (one time 4) eggs a day. They better pick up soon!

    You could hard boil them and pickle them. :) I wish there was a good way to preserve eggs!

  2. You can freeze eggs. Scramble them and then freeze them in ice trays, one cube = one egg. Or you could cook (shell and all) and feed them back to the hens, this would save you some feed and they would get calcium from the shells. Just some thoughts...