Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The kids and I stopped at Delicious Orchards on our way home from the park today, we picked up some apple cider, apples and some big beautiful green bell peppers.  For dinner tonight I am stuffing those babies,I dug through the pantry/freezer and pulled out some whole grain couscous,  a pound of ground angus, a big sweet onion, a jar of homemade salsa (the last one from the 2010 season) and some sharp cheddar. This should be good.

So anyway, I told you all of that so I could mention this.... canning hot peppers and salsa.  Last fall was the first time I ever did any canning and the results were great, I am still putting banana peppers from my garden on my sandwiches and have plenty more to cover me until this years harvest is in.  I started twice as many pepper plants this year, because they were so easy and so tasty!  My family goes through salsa fast, so I also doubled my plum tomato starts this year, I'll have less heirlooms, but it's worth the sacrifice.  I picked up a bunch of canning books and supplies off of the clearance rack at Lowe's over the winter, so I am planning ahead to preserve as much of the harvest as I can this year.

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