Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It was so nice out yesterday the kids and I dragged the hubby out to the garden after dinner.  Of course every time I manage to get him out there we start planning (he likes to call it adding to the 'honey-do list')

Every year I manage to make the garden a little bigger and add a couple more raised beds, but this time while I was out there looking around I realized that we are almost done.  We have nine 4'x8' raised beds and one 16x8, another 16x8 is going in this spring.  I have a 5'x8' bed that I have been using to store pots for years that I need to clear and compost (and some how get water to) so I can grow some flowers and herbs for my boys to pick and play in.  Then I can just sit back and enjoy gardening, no more big projects, no more 2x4's, no more saws and hammers, just trowels and seeds.  I look around now and see a perfect place to sow seeds and spend time with my children, not a project, it's amazing how far we have come from the weed covered sand we had 8 years ago.

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