Monday, April 5, 2010


For the last 3 weeks my kids and I were staying at my parents home because our basement had flooded.  When we returned Thursday to beautiful weather and a beautiful flowering yard I got the gardening bug!  I got most of the seeds started when I was at my parents and have some happy looking seedlings popping up.  I want to start a couple more tomato plants this week and some herbs to put in the planters.  Because the weather was awesome we worked in the garden all weekend, clearing last years debris and prepping for this season.  This year we are removing our soaker hoses and installing a drip system.  We are also putting in some raised beds we built from reclaimed horse fencing.  Last year we has problems with critters eating our string beans and cucumbers so we are trying raised beds to keep the critters out.  Our other endeavor for fall is acquiring some chickens.  My parents have chickens on their farm and after spending a few weeks there with the flock I realized, they do NOT smell, they are friendly and the eggs were very tasty!  Win, Win, Win!  My mom has a friend who raises chickens and she will ask about getting a small flock of egg layers for me. Can't wait!

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