Monday, January 4, 2010

Neglected blog award...

Goes to me for being a complete slacker. Ok, maybe I didn't slack, I was busy, with life, it happens. I can't wait untill garden season starts again, 5 pots of herbs in the window doesn't quite cut it. We are still feasting on last seasons garden goodies (jars of stewed tomatoes and baggies of frozen peppers, snap peas and squashes) Today I took a trip out to the compost pile with a bucket of scraps, the garden is so horribly over grown, it's scary. I've got tons of work to do before the cole crops get started.

This season we plan on trying a drip irrigation system and the existing rows need to be relocated, I was about 6" short of being able to fit the tractor into the garden. We also plan to try starting a chicken coop, my Mom has been having a bit of success with hers. I also have an entire new section of garden that needs to be fenced. Not to mention the plastic that tore off the back of the greenhouse. Looking forward to another season of organic veggies, yum.

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